Christiania 2013

Christiania 2013 o o o The situation on Christiania – right now   In 2004 the Danish Parliament passed a new Christiania law, whose main purpose was to ‘normalize’ the legalization in Christiania and reinstate the same laws concerning listed buildings and land, building regulations and city planning as for…

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Climate Statement Copenhagen, 5-18 December, 2009

  Climate Statement   From the Climate Bottom Meeting - Windows of Hope Copenhagen, 5-18 December, 2009 21.05.2010   With accelerating climate change happening all over the world today we are facing tremendous challenges that demand quick, consistent, well targeted and well coordinated action by world society.   An adequate…

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Speech to Ruigoord 40 years, july 2013

SPEECH TO RUIGOORD 40 YEARS, JULY 2013 by Britta Lillesøe, Christiania Cultural Association   Congratulations, dear free city, Ruigoord! Sister village to Christiania. You are our little sister! We came with a rolling embassy with Christiania' three dots as three wheels of life - three mandalas according to Tibetan Buddhism...!…

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Two Urban Tribes Meeting

Two Urban Tribes Meeting A manifesto of celebration. Enjoying our union, our differences, our common ground, our sharing.   Ruigoord and Christiania, both urban tribes of people who are different, slightly aberrant, conforming not to what the world dictates, but to their inner voice, their spirit. We feel connected in…

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Christiania Guide English

Download the Christiania Guide in English Christianias Guide 4. edition 2004 Written, photographed, designed and published by residents. Christiania guide can be purchased at most stores in Christiania. Everyone is welcome to download the guide and the guide may be quoted with attribution.

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Christiania Shares

You are invited to participate in ensuring Christiania's status as public heritage. The autonomous Freetown of Christiania has reached an agreement with the Danish state after many years of struggle and negotiations. A new Christiania fund will buy the area free. BUY YOUR SHARE HERE Christiania Forty years have passed…

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How Christiania’s self-management work’s

This is how Christiania’s self-management work’s Christiania’s self-management is built on, that every individual has a responsibility for his/her own life and his/hers home. The resident’s in an area have a common responsibility for the area’s development and condition. All Christianit’s, about 650 grown up’s and 200 children, have to…

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The Green Plan 1991

Dear Friends! Christiania’s Green Plan is Ready! Here is a short introduction: First, a little history: “Settler stop” was introduced in 1987 as one of the few rules in Christiania. First and foremost, we saw it was reasonable to preserve and show respect for the last remains of Copenhagen’s historical…

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