Christiania Shares

You are invited to participate in ensuring Christiania’s status as public heritage.

The autonomous Freetown of Christiania has reached an agreement with the Danish
state after many years of struggle and negotiations. A new Christiania fund will buy the area free.




Forty years have passed since local residents, dreamers and hippies tore down the fence and occupied the disused military base in central Copenhagen, giving birth to the urban Freetown of Christiania.

It’s been forty years of experiments with environmental and social ecologies, of loving and learning from mistakes, of trying to create small possibilities of living together in different ways. Today, almost a thousand people live in Christiania, which at the same time welcomes millions of guests from all over the world, making it one of Denmark’s top cultural attractions.

Christiania runs five childcare institutions, renovates and develops 100 acres of mixed housing and green areas with a focus on ecology, and houses a number of cultural institutions, live stages, cafés, restaurants, workshops, collectively run bussinesses etc.

Christiania has fought to maintain the Freetown as the property of everyone and noone.

The agreement and the construction of the new fund ensures that housing in Christiania remains free of speculation in the future, the way it should be.

Christiania will continue to contribute to Copenhagen and the rest of the world. The Freetown insists on embracing the millions of guests from home and abroad, being a self-managing experiment and an unruly urban park. We must include those who are not accepted anywhere else, create quirky culture and build beautiful houses that the underprivileged can afford to live in.

Many of our friends in Denmark and abroad have asked us for a way in which they can take part in this quest we have embarked upon. For that reason the Freetown has issued Christiania Shares with the goal of raising as much as possible of the sum needed for buying Christiania free through the Fund for the Freetown.

Free the Freetown with Christiania Shares

Christiania Shares are not like the shares traded at the stock exchange. They promote community, sharing and autonomy in contrast to the financial speculation currently causing great harm to communities all over the world.

In this, it is our modest hope to inspire the development of social models of investment, that value common wealth rather than profits.

The purchase of a Christiania Share is to be seen as a donation supporting buying the Freetown through the Fund for Christiania. As such, it’s of greater worth than money.