Two Urban Tribes Meeting

Two Urban Tribes Meeting

A manifesto of celebration. Enjoying our union, our differences, our common ground, our sharing.


Ruigoord and Christiania, both urban tribes of people who are different, slightly aberrant, conforming not to what the world dictates, but to their inner voice, their spirit. We feel connected in many ways and would like to express and explore that. Tonight we do this by shifting the axis of our world to this location, where the magical tree Yggdrasil will be erected, emphasising that we are here, now, beyond time and space and yet very much connected to this place.


What and how

Urban tribes, as we are, share the following characteristics:

• We have our own style and way of living,


• We are organic, in the sense that problems are seen as opportunities, that we change as we go along.


• We are natural, in the sense of honouring the earth and what it has to give, of celebrating the seasons and making “natural” an inspiration rather than a label.


• We are a link in a chain passing on knowledge, wisdom and tolerance between generations, cultures and beliefs. That chain of human contact is basic and comes out in art, in festivals and in taking care of each other.


• We accept and tolerate deviant ideas and behaviour because we know that by judging others we judge ourselves. Being different is a way to be yourself.


• Individualism and collectivism come together in the tribal spirit, which is beyond the political. It honours tradition and yet despises worn out ways, we are a bridge between the prehistoric and the future, between the shamanic vision and the age of Aquarius.


• We promote recycling of goods and materials, but also of ideas and ideals,


• We believe in a way of life that matters, that is worth fighting for, that fosters respect. A life where it doesn’t matter what you are but what you do.



• Harmony, bringing out the best in people in their varying colours and tempos and yet making ourselves heard and seen in a peaceful way. Conflict can lead to harmony, new perspectives.


• Small is beautiful, so we aim at small scale initiatives, democratic circles, to enable the freeing of the inner child to play, to create, to share and to feel safe.


We believe ideas come first, materialism, money and institutions are second


We honour the common ground, the physical as well as the virtual.



Urban tribes have a much wider importance than just being a nice way of living, an escape for a happy few. As the world is in dire need of new directions, the tribal model that has survived many a crisis in the past, deserves attention.


• We show the world that there are alternative ways of living, working and being together.


• We have visions and dreams to share, that can be an inspiration to a much wider group.


• We can show the planners and politicians that there are people and groups that care, that still hoist the flag of love.


• The world needs experimental zones and laboratories, where the alternative models of interhuman relationship, government, decision making and social structure can be developed. They don’t need to succeed but allow us learn about processes and possibilities.



We relate to change, by refinding ourselves, using what makes sense, taking the best and recombine or reshape it into a new form.


So this tree is as much a symbol as an invitation to let others join our circle or be inspired to make their own. We wish to share our good intentions and our joy – let’s celebrate life, let’s make this planet sing!!


We declare Christiania right now to be

the centre of our world!!!

Christiania, Copenhagen  –  18 July  2008