Singer Songwriter Night at Operaen


maj 9 - 07:00 pm


maj 10 - 12:00 am

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Pusher st., 1440 Christiania, Denmark

About The Artists:

Is a songwriter from Norway, with a big travel heart – currently living in Copenhagen, where he is working on his upcoming debut album.
His first EP “Baldakin” was recorded in Norway and the legendary Copenhagen studio Sweet Silence Studios with Flemming Rasmussen.
Birkedal finds his inspiration in the British folk wave from the 60s and 70s.
His soft voice and traditional finger playing style draw you into his harmonious world filled with nature reflections, storytelling and hopeful melancholy.

S.A.V is a Danish/American singer songwriter, who likes to experiment on the
electronic side. She grew up listening to a wide variety of music, and manages to get
a lot of these influences into her own music. Her debut EP, Sound, features many
different genres of music. The first two songs on this EP, Can’t Be Sad and feel me
everywhere, will already have been released at the time of this event, but it is only
one of the few times anyone will have heard the rest of the songs on the EP, which is
to be released on July the 11th. Sound is a journey through heartbreak and loss but
also making it to the other side of those difficult times and believing in yourself and
the power of love and music.

Angu is a singer and songwriter with songs about love and dreams drawing inspiration from the arctic landscapes and written through the harmonies of the guitar.

MAISHA plays original songs with a sound of soul, jazz and rock, and we hope that you will join us on a journey through the ups and downs of life

Morning Bear has awakened from a long hibernation to release new music for the first time in 6 years. “Splitting of the Wood,” an introspective exploration of hard work and dedication in the face of adversity, was released exactly 6 years from the last single “You’re Right,” on September 8, 2023. Two additional singles followed, “Reap and Sow” and “Learning How.” Each song was recorded, produced, and mixed by a different Colorado producer across the state.
Morning Bear is an orchestral indie folk project based in Denver, Colorado. The nom de guerre of singer/songwriter John Runnels, the project formed in March of 2014. Morning Bear’s music takes listeners on a candid and emotional journey through battles with self-doubt, the challenges of risk taking, and of growing up.
Characterized by highly dynamic compositions, Morning Bear’s music is a synthesis of the calm and delicate stylings of artists like Bon Iver and Jose Gonzalez with the complexity and depth of the Fleet Foxes and Sufjan Stevens. Featuring soaring vocals and atypical arrangements including cello, violin, piano and more, Morning Bear provides a textured landscape behind pop-influenced hooks.

Mack Trenka unfolds his musical songwriting talent in many different genres. He grew up in a musical family and has been playing guitar since he was 4 years old. With inspiration from folk, jazz, hippie-rock and traditional blues – which played relentlessly on the stereo in his childhood home – and with his expressive voice, Mack has created his own unique platform, where he unites genres and styles for his very own, powerful musical expression.

Tiyer is a Copenhagen based composer drawing upon many genres in his music, pulling the listener into a dreamy yet energetic world of stories, dynamic expression and surprises, where a longing for hope, love and unity is a recurring theme, in a versatile musical landscape where truthful expression is prioritized over anything else. The music is a approached as an open canvas where the only goal is meaningful exploration of reality, and where the idea of “good” and bad” music doesnt exist. Tiyer began his career as a musician in the Copenhagen electronic music scene, creating communities around experimental music with other producers, with new concepts such as Electronic Jams and Mics that up until that point had only been seen in the UK. This debut was well recepted, and within a short timespan catapulted its creators into the entire Copenhagen music scene, teaming up with fellow Zealots from the songwriter scene, Jazz scene, Poetry Slam, demo and impro scene. Tiyer is currently working on music for several video game titles to be released next year, and has worked on concerts, releases and workshops with a string of legendary musicians such as Elias Bendix, Tobias Trier, Malene Mortensen, Rikke Bjerre, Hannah Muir, Niklas Timmer Kristensen, Laust Eberhardt Bonnesen, Jesper Pyskow, Daniel Carlos Goldfield, Frederik Moth, Frederik Hjulmand, Christopher And The Lost Binocular, Mucky Kid and Normal Original, Ulrik Lindgren, Monika Banyte,, Bjarke Treufeldt, Oscar Schjerbeck, Pernille Isedora and the list continues. Tiyer is also working as a booker and arranger for unique and innovative show concepts, such as “Forest Concerts” a concept created by multi-musician Oscar Schjerbeck, and personalised private concerts with pop acts like Tim Schou. Lately Tiyer has been focusing on personal, introspective songwriting, and will this night be combining that work with an eclectic set of different styles.

Entrance: 80 kr. Cash/Mobile Pay