Acting for Climate – GRATIS prøveforestilling i Byens Lys, Lørdag, 4. maj kl. 17.00

Into the Water – trailer

Spring is coming and our tour of "Into the Water" is coming together, stay tuned for more! #intothewater #actingforclimate #performance #circus #theatre #climate #climatechange #savetheocean #sustainable #erasmusplus #oslomiljøhovedsstad Hawila Project AcrobAction Erasmus+: Aktiv Ungdom Oslo europeisk miljøhovedstad 2019 Nordisk Kulturfond Kulturrådet Statens KunstfondCo-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.Video by the amazing Andreas Foss.

Slået op af Acting for Climate i Onsdag den 20. marts 2019

Artisterne har brugt Byens Lys som øvelokale, inden de skal ture Norden rundt på et stort sejlskib. Læs mere og se video på deres facebook side

Acting for Climate is a performance art project, whose goal is to inspire people to take actions towards a more sustainable future. With the show ”Into the Water” we will create a sailing performance that can travel the world to inspire; people, artists, and activists, through contemporary circus, physical theatre and workshops. The performance aims to create a wave of inspiration and action. “Into the Water” is not just a small touring performance, it is also a mindset introduced to the world.Inspired by Piet Hein’s definition of art as “the solution to the problems that cannot be formulated clearly before being resolved”, we want to use our art in the aim to achieve a sustainable future. Artists have an unique opportunity and responsibility to inspires action, joy, and change in relation to these challenges that concern us all. “Into the Water” is part of taking that responsibility, and will be based on the latest and most current knowledge within the environment and climate research areas. Our stage and home will be Hawila, a two masted wooden sailing ship. The use of a boat as our stage forces us to re-think and develop our disciplines, and challenge the idea of what circus is and can be today. Water is a link between people, nature and land, and we want to use that link as part of our performance. We have water and cycles as a theme to bring forward not the individual issues of climate change but more to think about and be able to talk about the global issues in how society thinks and functions on this planet.“Into the Water” will go on tour from the 1st of July 2019.Acting for Climate was initiated in 2015 by Abigael Winsvold (NO) and Victoria Gulliksen (NO). Other dedicated members of the team include circus artists: Nathan Biggs-Penton (USA), Ida Langkilde (DK), Villads Bugge-Bang (DK) and Emma Langmoen (NO).

Acting for Climate works as an umbrella organisation with the goal of involving everybody interested in arts and environmentalism to create a global network working towards a common goal.