Songwriters Night At Operaen


juni 6 - 07:00 pm


juni 7 - 12:00 am

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Pusher st., 1440 Christiania, Denmark

On the 6th of June, Operaen invites to a songwriter evening, presenting some of the most talented songwriters in the scene today, hosted by composer and producer Tiyer who during the night will be accompanied by a vast communtiy of musicians.


The artist, songwriter and producer CHILI is on her way to conquer the danish music industry with her unique voice and poetic lyrics. Within the last couple of years CHILI has established herself as one of the most promising talents in Denmark. Her music is known by her her strong vocalperformance, catchy melodies and honest lyrics, that touches and inspires her listeners. Her ability to combine pop-hooks with vulnerable emotions and lyrics have made her a favorit amongst fans and critics.
The music is characterised by by the symbiosis CHILI creates between song writing and production, and her passion for all aspects of the creative process, creates a unique sound. Her playful approach to being involved in all parts of her music makes her an interesting artist, that puts a focus on the huge gab between genders in this industry.
CHILI has several singles behind her that all received airtime in danish radio and led to bookings such as supporting Saint Clara, Dopha, Ericka Jane and Bathsheba.

A mixture of indie and alternative pop, Niah Steiner is a Italo-Danish songwriter with a soft melodic voice, playing some tracks from her upcoming album

US/DK Singer Songwriter -whose voice is infectious & powerful in it’s delivery…Where melody & honest-raw lyrics draw the listener in. Based in Copenhagen, Sasha draws on musical influences from his New York upbringing & years on the road

As a singer, songwriter, musician and producer, Louis Anton is a creative powerhouse!
At the age of 5, he composed his first piece of music on the piano. Music has followed him ever since, with countless hours spent listening to idols Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, D’Angelo and Michael Jackson, as well as contemporary artists Mac Ayres and Bruno Major.
The broad and timeless influence is clearly heard in Louis Anton’s music. With his soulful voice, catchy melodies, sophisticated harmony and tight productions, Louis Anton leads the listener through his genre-breaking sound universe, where every detail is cherished. Louis Anton’s eternally brooding mind is felt in his honest lyrics, which contain themes such as love, loss, insecurities and self-therapy. Louis Anton takes the stage as his immediate self, living in the gray zone between vulnerability and confidence.

TRUTH RAY, from the Copenhagen Hvaall crew, digs into love, loss, and anxiety with his solo tunes, all wrapped up in his beautiful voice. Experience it live, as he unveils new tracks accompanied by the soulful strains of his electric guitar.
Tiyer is a Copenhagen based composer drawing upon many genres in his music, pulling the listener into a dreamy yet energetic world of stories, dynamic expression and surprises, where a longing for hope, love and unity is a recurring theme, in a versatile musical landscape where truthful expression is prioritized over anything else. The music is a approached as an open canvas where the only goal is meaningful exploration of reality, and where the idea of “good” and bad” music doesnt exist. Tiyer began his career as a musician in the Copenhagen electronic music scene, creating communities around experimental music with other producers, with new concepts such as Electronic Jams and Mics that up until that point had only been seen in the UK. This debut was well recepted, and within a short timespan catapulted its creators into the entire Copenhagen music scene, teaming up with fellow Zealots from the songwriter scene, Jazz scene, Poetry Slam, demo and impro scene. Tiyer is currently working on music for several video game titles to be released next year, and has worked on concerts, releases and workshops with a string of legendary musicians such as Elias Bendix, Tobias Trier, Malene Mortensen, Rikke Bjerre, Hannah Muir, Niklas Timmer Kristensen, Laust Eberhardt Bonnesen, Jesper Pyskow, Daniel Carlos Goldfield, Frederik Moth, Frederik Hjulmand, Christopher And The Lost Binocular, Mucky Kid and Normal Original, Ulrik Lindgren, Monika Banyte,, Bjarke Treufeldt, Oscar Schjerbeck, Pernille Isedora and the list continues. Tiyer is also working as a booker and arranger for unique and innovative show concepts, such as “Forest Concerts” a concept created by multi-musician Oscar Schjerbeck, and personalised private concerts with pop acts like Tim Schou. Lately Tiyer has been focusing on personal, introspective songwriting, and will this night be combining that work with an eclectic set of different styles.

Entré: 80 kr. Cash/Mobile pay