Christiania Art Gallery

Christiania Art Gallery is a family owned gallery in the heart of Christiania. The colorful facade of Christiania Art Gallery is a landmark and one of the most photographed locations in Christiania.

The residents, Marios and Stephanie Orozco, exhibit, create their art and live in this location. They met in the summer of 2018 in front of South Pacific.

The house is originally called South Pacific and was given its name by the former resident Pancake Ray.

Its not unusual to be invited to join the festivities in front of South Pacific. Often there will be live jazz music and BBQ during the sunny and warm summer days.

Christiania Art Gallery offers a full spectre of colors and some good laughs along the way.


Christiania Art Gallery er et familieejet galleri i hjertet af Christiania. Den farverige facade på Christiania Art Gallery er et vartegn og et af de mest fotograferede steder i Christiania.

Beboerne, Marios Orozco og Stephanie Orozco, udstiller, skaber deres kunst og bor i samme hus som de har deres galleri i. De mødtes i sommeren 2018 foran South Pacific.

Huset hedder oprindeligt South Pacific og fik sit navn af den tidligere beboer Pancake Ray.

Det er ikke usædvanligt at blive inviteret til at deltage i festlighederne foran South Pacific. Ofte vil der være live jazzmusik og BBQ på de solrige og varme sommerdage.

Christiania Art Gallery byder på et spektakulært farvespekter og nogle gode grin undervejs.

Vi byder velkommen til Christiania Art Gallery