The High Society


THE HIGH SOCIETY’s music comes from a love of old school soul and R&B with plenty of room for brass, dusty analogue keyboards, crunchy guitars and funky drums.
The band mixes the old soul sound with acid jazz and funk and draws inspiration from, among other things, the spaced themes of Afrofuturism, just as they make use of both cracked beats and odd time signatures.
This creates a universe that revolves around existential themes expressed through both text and music.
The band is an extended family band with the Danish/Filipino singer Xander Calasahan in front and Otto Sidenius and Kristoffer Sidenius as producers.
The High Society takes inspiration from old school soul and R&B and Afrofuturism and mixes it with acid jazz and funk.
Live, there is room for both full power soul and for the understated and playful – soul music that touches both the heart and the brain, and not least makes your feet move.

Xander Calasahan – Vocal
Otto Sidenius – Keys
Kristoffer Sidenius – Drums
Jivin Cameron -Bas
Pelle Von Bülow – Guitar
Helle Hesdorf – Sax
Erik Kimestad – Trompet

100kr. CASH ONLY!!