Abysmal Grief + Light Of The Morning Star live på Loppen

I 1980’erne og 90’erne groede Italien en stor sort masse af horror doom-bands, da undergrunden blomstrede med berømte navne som Death SS, Paul Chain, Black Hole, Sacrilege, Zess, Malombra, Cultus Sanguine, Epitaph og Abysmal Grief.
Abysmal Grief har holdt den brændende fakkel i undergrunden højt siden 1996 og anses for at være frontløbere indenfor kultbevægelsen! Abysmal Griefs live performances fører dig gennem en rejse i et mørkt univers af rædsel, ritualer og besværgelser. Deres koncerter er kraftfulde og intense – det er et must see for die-hard kult-metalfans!

Sidste år udgav Light Of The Morning Star deres længe ventede debutalbum ’Nocta’. Og selvom ’Nocta’, for garvede lyttede, lugter af en ny begyndelse, er det mere præcist at antyde pladen som en forlængelse af deres berygtede første EP Cemetery Glow.

Oplev begge bands live på Loppen 11. oktober


In the eighties and nineties, Italy spawned a big black mass of great horror doom bands, as the underground flourished with illustrious names like Death SS, Paul Chain, Black Hole, Sacrilege, Zess, Malombra, Cultus Sanguine, Epitaph and Abysmal Grief.

Abysmal Grief has been holding the burning torch of the underground high since 1996 and is considered to be today´s forefront of this cult movement! Abysmal Grief´s live performances takes you through a journey of the dark universe of horror, rituals and incantations. Their performances are so powerful and intense – it’s a must see for the die-hard cult metal fan!
Two years after their last album Abysmal Grief uncovers their dusty coffin to reveal the 5th album of their haunted career. Horrific like claws drawing near your neck, “Blasphema Secta” embodies all the bleak elements that made Abysmal Grief a well renowned and respected band and represents a step further down the damned path leading to the sepulchre.

Last year Light Of The Morning Star released their highly anticipated debut album, Nocta. And for however much Nocta might seem like a new beginning, in another, more accurate sense, the sensations coursing through Light Of The Morning Star here continue the grand work cast by Cemetery Glow, their first EP. Still the work of one mysterious O-A, the hydra-headed kaleidoscope of sounds characteristically encompasses trace elements of hypnotic deathrock, molten doom, and atmospheric black metal. Within this bewitching cauldron, its contents are stirred to such an extent that not only is easy categorization nigh impossible, but this panoply of paranormal sonics bespeaks only Light Of The Morning Star.