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Good to You
With clever production and a synergy between the rough around the edges, analogue energy of the bass and the artifice of the synths, Good to You is a emotional riot with festival attitude. It is just as easy to imagine it in a nightclub as in a stadium, yet it always maintains it’s spark of originality, humanising electronic music with the warmth and punch of the slap bass and syncopated guitar, whilst modernising funk with synths and cutting edge production.

Louis Jarto was raised in Freetown Christiania. Copenhagen’s hippie self-declared autonomous nation. As he came to terms with his unique upbringing and found his place in the world, Louis Jarto turned his uniqueness into a strength.

Within the music industry, he has worked as a producer and songwriter for his own indie label where he developed and released a number of artists in both Scandinavia, UK and US as well as signing a publishing deal with GL Music, working with Sony Music and Copenhagen Records.

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