Trypical Cumbia – TrypiJazz TrypiDance!!!

Come and celebrate La mejor noche del dia, the best night of the day with us.
Trypical Cumbia one of the best party bands in denmark guarantees a straight forward Latin party in a street gypsy-style. Joining this hot experience we find the Chilean saxophonist José Lezaeta (ex Chico Trujillo) as well as the percussionists Alex Opazo (from Warilongko and Quemando Palabras) and Juan Pino (Quemando Palabras, Valravn) among others.

Trypical Cumbia is the expression of the “mestisaje”, the travelling of the people, the mix of cultures. Expect a unpolished groove that collects whatever has been found in the travel from the deep Amazon forest, up to the Andean mountains, down to the Caribbean coast and crossing the Atlantic ocean ’til the streets of Europe

WHAT: Trypical Cumbia
WHERE: Christianias JazzClub & Børneteater
WHEN: Doors Open 21:00
HOW MUCH: 50kr

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