Balkan vs Swing presents: SELO & LUDY (UKR)

Balkan vs Swing presents for the first time in Denmark, the Ukrainian folk core cover band SELO & LUDY or in cyrillic; Село i Люди!

There’s no doubt that you’ve danced around to some of SELO & LUDY’s uptempo tracks at a Balkan vs Swing party, since our resident DJs diligently plays their music for you!
With accordeon and balalaika they transforms classic rock, rocknroll and pinned sing-a-long ballads into uptempo folk songs that are impossible not to dance along to and especially sing-a-long since you know the lyrics to all the songs they play (whether you like to admit it or not)!
Get ready to be thrown back in time at Operaen and start remember your favorite Bon Jovi, Beatles, Nirvana, Roy Orbison or even Alice Cooper songs!

Support: ЖЩ (RU)
Unpronounceable and indescribable! We can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen!

Residents: Mr. Nicolaj & Electro Lux B2B afterparty set

Damage is only 60KR – cash only!


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