A Night to Remember: KEIFF & REBEL

Ladies & gentlemen, the summer is coming to an end, but the music never stops. For the season opener at the Operaen we have for you a mix of pop, soul & RnB with a pinch of reggae and dancehall.

☼ ☼ ☼ Lineup: ☼ ☼ ☼

Ootherwise known as Dr. Keiff, Copenhagen-based artist and producer KEIFF has left his mark in every genre on the street – but on this occasion expect a special pop & soul show backed by live band.
Check out Keiff at https://www.facebook.com/pg/KeiffdaGenieous

REBEL is a familiar face on Operaen’s stage and always delivers his tunes with irrepressible energy and contagious joy. Backed by live band, he will get the party started with warm reggae vibes and dancehall beats.

The First Lady has ruled the dancefloor at Operaen on numerous occasions. She is trusted to select the most vibrant tunes to shake this place loose!!!

★ Host: BIG AL
The man behind a zillion of soul, RnB and hiphop productions, Big AL has been all over Danmark and collaborated with Distortion, Roskilde Festival and Vega among many others. He is here to introduce, present and entertain you throughout the night.

Stay calm and watch out for updates!
We’ll be back with the news on…The Night to Remember!

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