Ode to Christiania

My hometown Christiania is hard to define.
It´s goddamn devilisious and divine.
This old military ground houses freaks like me,
all kinds of people who need a place to be.
We practice democracy “Viking style”
and take integration that extra mile.
She´s the child of Pippi Longstocking & Winnie the Poo,
so you´r welcome even if you lost your mind or just a shoe.


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  1. The High Bar in CA.

    Respect we need – in friendship we meet
    in mutual care – for each others welfare.
    We need to discuss how to run our place
    and to stay in the mode of a smiling face.

    To trust our brothers and sisters rights
    and change our mindset instead of the fights.
    Your duty is caring – your kindness is love.
    We need us together – and help from above.

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